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Household Tasks


Recognising that your home is your sanctuary and requires meticulous care, Melb24 CARE offers a dedicated team of trained and certified staff to support you with household tasks or oversee your activities. 

Our primary objective is to promote participants’ independence while ensuring that your living environment remains clean and hygienic. 

This commitment not only contributes to a well-maintained space but also enhances your self-confidence and morale within the comfort of your home.

Our essential cleaning services encompass:

– Bathrooms
– Toilets
– Kitchens
– Laundries
– Living areas and bedrooms.

Feel assured that with Melb24 CARE, your home will receive the attention it deserves, fostering a sense of well-being and autonomy.

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Melb24 CARE's vision is that all peope with a disability have access to flexible and person-centered support of their choice.